Canterbury Baking School

How to Bake a Business!

Vicky Feldman is the owner of the Canterbury Baking School.  She is a regular attendee of Mums UnLtd Whitstable.

Vicky has grown her business from a combination of her passion for cooking healthy food along with her existing skills and experience as a teacher.  Canterbury Baking School, started in 2015 and teaches baking courses.  Vicky is very passionate about cooking real bread from scratch. It’s nothing like the processed, sliced bread we buy in the supermarket – there’s just no comparison, in terms of both taste and nutrition. Vicky teaches people the lifelong skills of baking artisan bread with heritage grains, working with small groups in a homely environment.

Here she shares her thoughts on being a business woman, and running a business from passion, love and experience.  

The perfect product

Having the perfect product for your customers is essential.  But this alone is not enough. There has to be something unique about your business. It’s you! Don’t try to be something you’re not – be genuine and let your personality shine through.  Be true to who you really are. Let people see your quirks. Then people are not just buying your product or service, they’re buying “you”.  My classes are very relaxed and informal and many of my students come back time and again.

Knowledge, expertise and experience!

It’s important to have knowledge, expertise and experience in what you do, in order to get the most out of your business and provide the most benefit to your customers.  If you’re truly passionate about what you do, your customers will be drawn to this.


When running a business, it’s important to delegate.  Choose carefully who you work with. Find people on the same wavelength as you, who are genuinely interested in your business and want you to succeed.  Outsourcing costs money, but you must invest in your business in order to grow. When I first started, I tried to learn how to do everything myself. I spent my evenings doing online courses.  Eventually I realised that it takes me so long to do some things, that I would be better off paying someone else to do it, so that I can concentrate on what I am good at. Outsourcing can actually help to grow your business faster than trying to juggle everything yourself.  


Networking has been essential for me to  this find the skills I need by collaborating.  It’s also very rewarding as you can help other businesses too. Building a team of women to support me has enhanced my business. 

Running your own business is very different to being part of an organisation, and it can be lonely at times.  Having a group like Mums UnLtd where everyone is striving for the same thing is really valuable. It helps motivate you to keep going even in challenging times.

Networking events like Mums UnLtd can be a great place to find people who have the skills you need to complement your businesses, as well as being a source of moral support in running your own business.

Building a business is like baking bread!

So the ingredients of starting a growing a business do not differ too much from baking bread. Its all about having the right process, not rushing things and allowing your business to develop much like how bread rises in the proving process.


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