Make managing your money a pleasure not a chore

Financial expert Claire Sweet shares her thoughts on money management -

You know that trend that Marie Kondo has set about clearing out your clutter?

How are you getting on with that?

Has it inspired you to rummage in your cupboards and have a bit of a clear out – or do you look at an overflowing wardrobe and not know what to do first?

As women we seem to collect a mass of clothing, accessories and shoes over the years. Things that we love and things that are practical, but also those things from our past that we just can’t seem to part with.

She talks about streamlining your stuff – only keeping things that you really love - things that spark joy – and the reason that her system works is that each part of your clothing is tackled in turn. Underwear, shoes, bags, jackets. Small, manageable steps.

I don’t know about you – but in my world it’s not practical to head out to Sainsbury’s wearing a pair of Louboutin heels and a full-length frock – so some of my clothes do have a practical purpose – from semi-smart workwear to casual and comfy things for relaxing weekends and of course the weatherproof stuff that prevents me freezing my backside off in February.

To be fair I’m not really a hoarder, a couple of times a year I’ll fill a charity bag and pass on things that I’m no longer wanting to wear – the days of giving up a Saturday to boot fair things are long  passed. I get to benefit a local children’s hospice, and keep my wardrobe under control.

But I’m not about to go all Steve Jobs on this.

Do you remember he only ever wore the same type of black polo neck and blue jeans every day so that he didn’t waste time deciding what to wear? Mark Zuckerberg and Barrack Obama did similar.

And yes, having fewer things to choose from in the morning will speed up the “what do I wear today?” decision – but to me it’s about balance. I need practical clothes and clothes to go to a wedding or a party. I have some things from Primark or M&S, but also a couple of really amazing red-soled shoes – and have been known to wear them at the same time!

The same goes for how I organise and manage my money.

There’s money for practical stuff – housing, bills, food but also money for fun stuff, holidays, and personal development.

I actually use 6 bank accounts to keep my money in different pots – and this means that I can go out for a meal with friends and not worry that there won’t be enough to pay the bills. But more than that, it means that I have a system that works for me – and we’re going to talk about options so that you can create something that works for you.

Wouldn’t it feel great to be able to go and buy that pair of boots you want, or go on an amazing business retreat and not feel guilty or anxious about spending the money?

Are YOU ready to get STARTed ? Let’s move on to decluttering your finances – one bite-sized step at a time!

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