At the beginning of the year you probably set yourself some business goals for 2018.

Now is the time to revisit them to ensure you are on track to achieve them by the end of 2018, which is now just over 6 months away.

Get out the list from the start of the year and develop an action plan for the next 6 months, alongside reviewing what you have achieved so far this year. This will create focus and help you plan a time line of activities you need to do to complete your goals for 2018.

How many steps will it take for you to complete each goal?

Having reviewed your progress since January is the goal still achievable or does it need adjusting?

Do you need some expert advice? If so, add that in to your plan as maybe you thought you could achieve it without asking for help- but usually goals are more easily achieved when you are supported. This can be a time for deciding if you need to outsource or gain more support in an area of your business on a regular basis.

Remember you are not an expert in everything!

Make sure you have reviewed and measured your progress this year carefully. Check everything including social media insights, website traffic, bank statements, customer satisfaction and of course business growth.

If you have encountered more problems and challenges than you thought, then time to decide what you need to do to remedy them. Running a business is never an exact science, you sometimes have to be prepared to admit your amazing business idea maybe wasn’t that amazing after all and to adjust and reset your idea. Or maybe a service or product you offer needs tweaking to make it work.

Reassessing and reviewing your goals will renew your enthusiasm for your business re motivate you. Why not share your goals openly with another business associate or in one of our closed groups?

Making yourself accountable can really help keep you focussed and on track to have a fantastic year.