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The Simple Success Formula

The Simple Success Formula   This is the formula for a business that will work.  It is very simple and if you follow it you will reach your goals and have a business that pays you!   Visualise your outcome – Be absolutely clear vision of the outcome that you want so you can be clear on what means success to you.   Write a business plan with what you need to do each month, each quarter and for that year.   Write down a list of who will want to buy what you do and why they should buy
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8 common mistakes all Mumpreneurs make

No one ever plans to be a Mumpreneur. You don’t sit at school with a careers officer and tell them that one day you will start a business to work around your children. When you have children, life changes dramatically. You find yourself dealing with the stresses and expense of working full time and it can feel very overwhelming. It also means you cannot be there for your children when you would like as you have to fit around the constraints of an employer. This is when women turn to self-employment as they see it as the answer to these
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Health is your wealth

    Guest Blog from Julie Clark Nutrition   Health is your wealth! Running a business can be tough- juggling family and life generally means making sure your health should be a top priority. When a client comes to see me, I will often ask them this question – “if I had a magic wand what could I do for you?” Most of us are lucky enough to be in a position where our basic needs are met i.e. food, shelter & water etc. So, what are the 5 most common wants I’ve seen in my many years as a
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