The Top 5 marketing areas to review in 2019

By Debbie Gilbert | December 17, 2019

There are a few basic things you should review regarding your marketing each year. Business should review each quarter but if you haven’t got around to it here is what you should check at the end of each year. www.vivabusinesssupport.co.uk

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Christmas Marketing Tips

By Debbie Gilbert | November 22, 2019

Add Christmas to your branding and logo! Social media avatars – email footers Get Christmassy! Use Canva its free www.canva.com Reward with discounts and offers Via social media and email lists and package your items up especially with gifts in

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Gratitude in Relationships

By Debbie Gilbert | November 21, 2019

The practice of gratitude is a well known scientifically proven way to change your mindset, moving away from negative or anxious thinking, and focusing more on the things that you value and appreciate. When we think of gratitude our minds

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Is starting a business right for you?

By Debbie Gilbert | September 17, 2019

The term ‘Mumpreneur’ refers to mums who start a business to work around raising children. With escalating childcare costs and the stress of commuting, there’s been a huge increase in women quitting 9 to 5 employment to set-up a business

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Top Networking Tips

By Nicola Johnson | August 8, 2019

Owner of Mums UnLtd, Debbie Gilbert, has been attending business networking events and running her own events for over 10 years. She has built a huge, strong and solid network of contacts which has helped her marketing agency, Viva Business

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Make managing your money a pleasure not a chore

By Debbie Gilbert | August 8, 2019

  Make managing your money a pleasure not a chore Financial expert Claire Sweet shares her thoughts on money management – You know that trend that Marie Kondo has set about clearing out your clutter? How are you getting on

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Holiday Packing!

By Debbie Gilbert | July 26, 2019

Holiday packing; something lots of us have been thinking about this time of year and it can be a nightmare. So, if you want to avoid those extra airline fees for your luggage, I thought it might be useful to

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Event Planning Tips You Wish You’d Known Earlier

By Debbie Gilbert | July 26, 2019

Event Planning Tips You Wish You’d Known Earlier Making preparations for an exhibition or trade fair is exciting. It is a lucrative opportunity for you to showcase what your business can offer clients and customers. But it’s vital that your

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Coping with a business and school holidays!

By Debbie Gilbert | July 24, 2019

  If you have school age children, you must learn to juggle 13 weeks school holidays a year. Depending on the age gaps of your children this can go on for more than 20 years! Most people do not have

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How to keep your customers happy

By Nicola Johnson | July 22, 2019

How to keep your customers happy Customer service is vital when you run your own business. Not only are your customers more likely to come back for more, but they’ll also recommend you to other potential clients. Customer loyalty is

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