Helen Say from CBL Copywriting and SEO services judged our blogging competition and this is what she said


"Thank you to everyone who entered and I’ve read through all the blog submissions and made a decision. As well as the main criteria, I was also looking for something personal and relatable, also something that radiated energy, enthusiasm, expertise, warmth and personality. For the majority of entries the writer’s personality and tone was apparent, though a couple entries were purely factual so not as engaging.

The clear winner is Victoria Bell for “Confessions of a Nutritional Therapist That Will Surprise You”. It ticked all the competition criteria; it was also the longest word count (at 2156 words!) but it didn’t feel like it. This is because it’s an incredibly personal account of her journey to becoming a nutritional therapist and I found myself gasping out loud at some of the life events she shared. Plus she described why she made the choices she did and her decisions about the studies and qualifications she undertook to become who she is now. It’s a great example of how to communicate energy, warmth and personality as well as a great narrative. This blog will endear her to any prospective clients out there who will readily identify with her history and want to learn more about how she can help them.

In 2nd place  Gail Hugman for “Motivating Children: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think”. Again as well as meeting all the requirements Gail has used a story structure and personal examples to demonstrate her clear expertise as teacher. As her blog is more instructional in tone my only suggestion would be to add in some sub-headings to break up the narrative a little.

I have selected 2 runners up

Wendy Warren and Lisa Baptiste for their blogs.

Wendy’s “All You Need to Know About Semi Precious Gemstones” was fascinating .

Lisa’s “Brilliant Ways to Socialise Your Puppy in a Pandemic” was inspirational and almost made me want to go out and get a puppy!

With some additional work on the structure and introductions these blogs could really be amazing. The topics and content were worthy finalists.


Our winner and finalists blogs along with all our entrants will be featured on our blog over the coming weeks.

Well done to everyone who entered!