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Kari Taylor -Kari Taylor Reflexology and Massage
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I am a holistic therapist who can help you de-stress using only natural products and therapies.
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I am Kari Taylor, a holistic therapist based in Chalfont St. Peter.
Are you feeling stressed and anxious, and is it stopping you living the life that you want?
Does it affect your sleep?

Is it affecting your mood?

Is it affecting your work and/or your relationship with your family?

Are you looking for a natural way to cope with your stress?
I am passionate about helping busy women de-stress and relax using the power of touch.
I create bespoke treatments for busy stressed women, using my toolbox of reflexology, holistic facials, Indian Head Massage and Swedish massage.
My treatments take place in a private treatment room at my house in Chalfont St. Peter. After a detailed consultation we decide what your priorities are and I will create a bespoke treatment especially for your individual needs.
If you would like to read more about my treatments please check out my website
Treatments cost £45 for one hour.

To find out more or book a treatment you can message me here on LinkedIn, email me on or text/call me on 07948 398273.

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07948 398273
Debbie Stewart- Time out for Me
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I am a holistic therapist who through my TimeOut4Me ‘Make and Take’ sessions, can give you the perfect way to relax, have fun and end up with some beautiful, natural goodies to take home with you.
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I am a holistic practitioner who recognises we all need to make time time to recharge our batteries to live life to the full. I run and organise bespoke TimeOut4Me Make & Take Wellbeing Sessions to help you do just that.

These sessions are especially popular as birthday/hen parties, family experience bonding days, team-building events, or even as part of wellbeing days or fund-raising events.

The sessions are run as a Make & Take format. This simply means that we spend time in a fun and relaxed environment making lovely goodies to take away. We only use natural ingredients and no chemicals, while we discuss topics that affect us all. Topics include – managing stress, self-esteem, confidence, happiness & gratitude. I gently lead the conversation, and include tips and strategies that the participants can take home with them. I incorporate lots of encouragement along the way, as well as some elements of meditation and visualisation.​

Each party is tailor-made to suit the nature of the group, and different packages are available. This allows the group to enjoy time out, whilst learning to make a whole range of products including scrubs, face masks, bath bombs, body cream and lip balms. We’ll also teach some relaxation techniques, making this the perfect TimeOut4Me experience.​

I am fully insured and have many relevant Parenting Qualifications, delivering Parenting and Wellbeing sessions across Hertfordshire for over 12 years. I deliver all of the sessions in a fun and relaxed environment.​
We also offer ‘Aromatouch Technique’ treatments using essential oils applied to your back and feet to help stimulate and balance the nervous system in your body. These oils are documented for improving overall health and will help soothe physical and emotional stress.

I am also a qualified Reiki Master, spiritual healer and Bach Flower practitioner.
​You can find more information on my YouTube channel

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07765 557647
Marion Adams- The Natural Touch St Albans
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In a stressful world, complementary therapies like aromatherapy, massage and sensual healing can really help. Contact me to find out more.
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The Natural Touch is a complementary therapy practice located in St. Albans, Hertfordshire. The practice is owned and operated by Marion Adams, a fully qualified, regulated and insured health practitioner with over 20 years’ experience in holistic therapy and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists FHT.

Marion uses a holistic approach, personalised to each individual clients specific needs. After an initial consultation, Marion tailors the best possible combination of natural therapies and treatments to promote health, well-being and alleviate symptoms. The natural holistic therapies range from: Aromatherapy massage, Sensory massage, Indian head massage, spiritual healing and meridian energy techniques.
Are you suffering with an ongoing ailment or symptoms?
Do you need help assessing your holistic health?
Would you like to be stress and pain free?
Are you looking to achieve optimum health and well-being?
Do you want to achieve a healthy work-life balance?
If you are suffering or would like to achieve optimum health and balance, for both body and mind, please call me now to book an appointment for a free, no obligation consultation.

Clients have reported amazing life changing results for overcoming both physical and psychological health problems including:

Migraines & Headaches
» General aches and pains
» Back pain
» Arthritis
» Digestive problems
» Stress
» Sleeping problems & insomnia
» Eczema, psoriasis & skin conditions
» Trauma, fears & phobias
» Fatigue, tiredness & lack of energy
» Depression & psychological issues

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07710 227109
Victoria Bell- Nutritional Therapist
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I am a Nutritional Therapist who specialises in helping you understand why you may be low on energy and not feeling yourself. Once we know, I can help you get back your energy to become the woman you want to be.
Long Business Description:

I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist with a diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. I help busy working women understand the underlying causes of their low energy.  I do this using a comprehensive health assessment with the option to include private functional medical testing. Once diagnosed, I help to boost my clients’ energy through online consultations and meetings in my clinic.

My specialisms are gut health, food intolerances and immunity and energy. However clients come to me for a broad range of other health complaints. I also provide talks and workshops to the public, in workplaces, and write health content. Additionally, I deliver a variety of employee wellness services for various organisations.

Clients are always surprised how much their symptoms improve within two or three consultations. The success of my nutritional therapy programmes are because I deliver realistic, manageable and sustainable changes at a pace tailored to the client. I create a non-judgemental, safe place for you to be honest, in the knowledge you are completely covered by patient confidentiality.

My consultations are your chance to be listened to. I offer lots of support and encouragement, flexibility and collaboration to achieve your goals. We  provide all our clients with jargon-free diagnosis and advice and particularly enjoy engaging with children, making their consultations lots of fun. Our easy to follow plans, including recipes and snack ideas, are supported online and by phone.

My clinics are based in St Albans, Croxley Green and Watford, and I can offer Zoom or Microsoft Teams calls to clients anywhere in the world.

To follow me on other social media platforms, find me @victoriabellnutrition on Facebook and Instagram or visit my website at


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07873 121 616
Angella Parmar – Health Coach and Arbonne Independent Consultant
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As a Health Coach I educate and empower my clients to take control of their health and feel better.  They are supported and encouraged to move at a pace that is comfortable for them so that they can form new and beneficial lifestyle habits.
I also offer a range of botanically-based personal care solutions that are planet-friendly, vegan certified, cruelty-free, gluten-free, kosher, halal and clinically tested.

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Nicola Church – Elevation Personal Training
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I am a personal trainer and nutritional adviser who can help you achieve the health and fitness goals you have never achieved before.
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Hi! I’m Nicola andI am a personal trainer based in Baldock Hertfordshire. The reason I became a personal trainer ?

In 2013 I gave birth to my second daughter. I was at my biggest yet and felt helpless as to what to do. I spent hours doing cardio and eating processed foods that were labelled healthy. It was here that I had a major turning point. With the help of my own, very inspirational personal trainer, I began to eat natural foods with minimal processing and really focused on my nutrition. I kept my work outs short but intense and am now fitter and stronger then I was in my 20″s. I have now taken part in several obstacle races, which is something that I never thought I could do.

We will achieve this together using sensible nutritional advice and bespoke work outs just for you.
Sessions can be done anytime, anywhere. I normally come to your house, however you can also come to my home or we can meet in a local park. Don’t worry if you don’t have childcare for our sessions. I am used to children being around when I train and often find them very inspired when they see their mummy or daddy working out. It shows what a brilliant example you are being.
Sessions are normally one to one but why not ask a friend to join you for a more cost effective option ?

I will tailor the sessions based on your needs, and don’t worry, I am highly qualified to help you:

Level 3 PT
Nutritional adviser
Kettle bell instructor
Currently studying for pre and post-natal fitness.

I love helping people, whatever your goal I can help you achieve it. So call me today and let me help you achieve your fitness goals.

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07870 215934
Yewande Rolph – Natural Fragrance Company
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Our completely natural oils and fragrances can help you relax, overcome aches and pains and make your home smell beautiful
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I am Yewande Rolph, founder of Natural Fragrance Company. I have been making natural, ethically-sourced products for over 20 years. Back in 1992, in my spare time, I became interested in natural ways to look after the skin. I began making my own skin toner with fresh rosemary and cider vinegar, which my family loved.

In 2002, my son was born with very sensitive skin. For the first three years of his life he could only be bathed in water, as his skin reacted negatively to most commercial products. This spurred me on to research and make gentle ingredients for the skin, which I used on my whole family.

After undertaking courses (from April 2011) and studying natural elements, I started making a wider variety of products, including moisturisers, for family, friends and colleagues. They liked and benefited from my products, encouraging me to offer home-made items to others. Hence Natural Fragrance Company was born!

Each product is carefully prepared with high-quality constituents that smell wonderful and have naturally beneficial properties. I am certified to make bespoke creams, moisturisers, gels, shampoos and lip balms. Various other items, such as our Hay Fever Help Oil, can be made to order especially for you.

No synthetic fragrances are contained in our products. They are beautifully scented  using only pure plant essential oils (plant extracts). The scent blends rely on plants in their natural state. Time is invested researching the best ingredients and combinations to use. (If sensitive, always do a patch test before using any of our products.)

Our aim is to create products that are natural, affordable, cruelty-free, sustainable, fun to use and biodegradable. Where possible, organic, fairly-traded and wild-crafted raw materials are sourced. “Reduce, recycle, reuse” are key factors that we always consider.

Find s on Facebook @natfrag and on Instagram @natural.fragranceco

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Catherine Chapman – Catherine Chapman Pilates
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I first encountered Pilates when I perused the gym timetable looking for an “easy” class on a Monday evening. But obviously every time I walked out of the class I could be heard muttering to myself “that was not easy!” I didn’t care – I kept going back for more. I was hooked!

Pilates kept me strong and healthy throughout my 3 pregnancies, even when I was advised not to train as much whilst expecting my second child.  It was at this point I decided to train to be a Pilates instructor.

It had really helped me to create a fit new post-baby body. Pilates also gave me a functioning pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. I could really see how so many other (actually ALL!!) people could greatly benefit.

I remember working as a nurse, looking around the waiting room and being desperate to help the people in there. And not just in a medical way, but their health and fitness too.  This inspired my decision to focus all my time and passion on the healthy side of health care. I knew that many of these people wouldn’t even be in the hospital or in a GP waiting room if they invested some time in themselves.

So today I find myself living in beautiful Whitstable with my fitness coach hubby, 3 children, Luna Dog and Harry the rabbit.  I’ve not had a gym membership for years and I can’t imagine having one – or in fact having the time to get to one. Plus no gym has sea views for running and rolling country hills for cycling.

My fitness regime has to be efficient and convenient and my classes, one to ones and programmes reflect this.  I know that health & fitness is vital. But I also know that modern life is bonkers so needs to be easily intertwined into our daily lives.

Through Pilates, the right nutrition and lots of encouragement from me, you can get the body you want. Find me on Facebook @catherinechapmanpilates or Instagram @catherine_chapman_pilates

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07767 363925