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Karen Puttick – Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnotic Happiness Coach based in Amersham. I work with adults, children from 5-6 years and also with some SEN using Clinical, Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Coaching. I teach meditation and am also a Laughter Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher.

I’m Karen Puttick, and whether you or your child are experiencing depression or anxiety; facing a specific fear or habit change; or looking to take control over any aspect of your life, together, we will establish goals and create the mindset to successfully achieve your desired outcome. Gently and effectively we can sow the seeds of change to move beyond unwanted thought patterns and habits and create lasting changes – helping you feel, think and behave better.

Whether in your personal or professional life, I will help you become that person who knows they can do it – I will work with you to make lasting positive change by altering your mindset.. You will learn to relax more easily and access the inner resources you already have to deal with the challenges in your life and achieve increased personal resilience to cope with challenging and troubling problems, better focus, a more realistic and positive self – image and better management of a whole range of health issues. Most clients leave after 4-6 sessions with a powerful inner toolkit which includes self-hypnosis skills.

Perhaps you would benefit from a ‘kick start’ to get you out of a rut and help you find whatever you need to live the life you want for yourself. Working together, we create a plan which enables you to develop the right mindset to ultimately achieve your goal. Your first 30 minute exploratory appointment is completely free of charge.

Most people can benefit from hypnotherapy, including children including some SEN. Here are some of the common applications for hypnosis:
Stress and anxiety
Self-confidence and esteem issues
IBS (hypnotherapy appears as an effective treatment under NICE guidelines)
Managing Menopause symptoms
Removal of unwanted habits
Coping with fears and phobias
Sleep disorders
Pain management
Lifestyle change and weight management
Plus managing skin conditions, bruxism, unexplained pain and a host of other issues.
In addition to my general practice, I have areas of very specific expertise:
Working with children and young people
Overcoming workplace related issues
Assisting clients through periods of change

I have a number of books, recordings and online programmes available, including The Imaginators Programme and “Freedom to Sleep”

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Sue Mitchell – Purple Moon Holistics

The pressures of life can play havoc with our mindset, and sometimes we lose sight of what really matters. We struggle to see the wood for the trees as we try to keep up. Allowing some time to help ourselves is essential for long term health and happiness.

If you’re thinking of coming to see me you’re halfway there; accepting that you might need a little support is often the hardest part. I will help you find harmony in your body and mind, in a warm and welcoming environment where you feel calm and relaxed. You are now in very safe hands for the next part of your journey.

I offer hypnotherapy, massage and Reiki.
07776 213548