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Carol Hanson – Want Her Outfit
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My mission in life is simple.  I inspire women like you who have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear!  I will help you look and feel fabulous, every time you get dressed.  But more than that I want you to do this with a conscious style approach.

1:2:1 CONSULTATIONS – I work with you to identify your personal style, so you will always feel confident in your clothes. If there are any blocks that are stopping you from expressing your personal style we work on these too. In these tailored sessions we focus on:

👗Colour so you are clear about what works for you and what doesn’t
👗Your body shape and what styles to choose, so you always buy the right type of clothes and no longer make disastrous choices .
👗We declutter your wardrobe so you have total clarity on your image
👗I teach you how to dispose of your unwanted clothes responsibly and how to shop consciously


The scale of the negative impact the fashion industry, and our consumption, has on the planet, is no longer a dirty secret.This is not just about the environmental cost, but the human cost as well, from farming through to manufacturing.  The irreparable damage to our fragile eco systems.  Endangering the lives and health of some of the poorest people in the world.  All in the name of fashion.

As a personal stylist I love clothes and accessories.  I love how clothes can make you feel and how empowering it is to express yourself through your wardrobe.  But this does not need to be at the cost of our precious planet or the people who live here.   My passion is to motivate you to make responsible wardrobe choices while enjoying your sense of style.

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07971 638896
Gail Morgan – Study In Style Training
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A personal stylist who will help you create a wardrobe that will make you look great and boost your self-confidence
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I have always been interested in clothes and fashion – there is even a book of my “designs” as an 8 years old lurking in my loft! However it soon became apparent that I didn’t have the artistic talent to pursue a career in fashion designing, so I worked in the retail industry at various levels and for a number of different companies. I was inspired to start my own business by my Dad who started his business when he was 50 years old and flourished through the opportunities that being his own boss brought him after years of being in the Civil Service!

I discovered image consultancy after my Mum had her “colours done” in the late 1980s revolutionising the way she felt about herself, boosting her confidence when shopping and dressing. So when I became pregnant with my son, training to join the image industry just seemed the obvious thing to do.

I have been inspired by my clients who often say I have changed their lives just by helping them with their wardrobes. People may scoff and say what we do is frivolous, BUT it is so powerful. I have had the privilege of seeing people blossom and grow when they understand the clothes that flatter their bodies and the look that’s right for them.

If you have visited exclusive stores and bought designer outfits, but no matter how much money you spend, you think something isn’t working… I can help! I am all about simplicity, so I teach simple repeatable techniques that you can quickly grasp to create a wardrobe you love and a look that makes you feel fabulous.

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01442 359689