Event Planning Tips You Wish You'd Known Earlier

Making preparations for an exhibition or trade fair is exciting. It is a lucrative opportunity for you to showcase what your business can offer clients and customers. But it's vital that your stand conveys a strong impression through a memorable, professional display. Taking part in a trade fair can become stressful if you haven't planned thoroughly in advance. However, from holding a rehearsal to using convenient roller banners there are several tips you can implement to make your next event one of the best.


A suitable Location for your Budget


Trade fairs held in huge exhibition halls offer a wide range of stands and tables to cater for every budget. Small companies often find it impossible to compete with many of the larger, well-known companies for the most expensive and prominent positions. Always choose the most advantageous location your budget allows and don't despair if you think your stand is hidden in an out of the way place. Visitors are well aware that many of the truly innovative ideas and solutions are often to be found amongst small, enthusiastic businesses and will spend time deliberately seeking them out. However, the key to success is to make your stand as professional and eye-catching as possible.


Hold a Rehearsal


As soon as you know the dimensions of your stand, create a mock display at your business premises. You can then take time arranging your company's products to ensure they are seen to their best advantage. Keep a detailed plan and sort your products using an orderly system so that they can be quickly and easily arranged on the day. If the focus of your business is services you still need to make the most of your space by ensuring that examples of your work and your company's logo are clearly visible.


Allow Enough Time to Set Up


An important part of your pre-event rehearsal is discovering how long it takes to set out your display. With practice your procedure should become relatively fast and efficient. On the day of the event make sure you arrive at the venue with plenty of time to spare to allow for unexpected mishaps. Don't risk having an incomplete stand when the event actually starts as it will make your company look amateurish and incompetent.


Video Presentations


Reinforce your brand's message or demonstrate how a key product works by using a video presentation. Repetition is an advertising technique that's easy to achieve with rotating video clips. You can hire equipment at relatively economic rates. Alternatively, create an interesting display with a few presentation boards containing photographs of how your main products work and how they can be of benefit.


Branded Merchandise to Give Away


It's not just leaflets and business cards that you need to hand out to visitors. Choose items such as coasters, pens, pencils, key-rings and fridge magnets and have them printed with your business name or logo. Choosing practical items helps keep your company name in view.


Highlighting your Brand


Ensuring your business name or logo is prominently displayed around your stand is essential. Either make or purchase a large sign complete with your logo to attach to part of your stand or to form part of its backdrop. You can print your business name several times over on large sheets of paper to decorate your stand providing it doesn't look homemade.


Tempting Snacks


Making room on your stand for small snacks or sweets are sure to attract visitors' attention. Purchase or make a variety of petit fours, rum truffles, bite-sized pastries and cubes of cheese.


Using Roller Banners


A roller banner is ideal for adding a professional edge to your display stand. You simply extend the banner out from its rolled position and fix it in place. It's a quick, efficient solution that saves an enormous amount of time when assembling your stand. The high-quality graphics are printed in a high resolution format that will highlight your business name or logo perfectly. A roller banner instantly creates a good impression for visitors passing near your stand. Roller banners are available in various sizes including floor standing or desk-top versions. When the event is over the banner simply rolls back. It's lightweight to carry and transport and can be conveniently stored until you need it for the next event.