EVO GOALS is an online platform that combines life coaching and professional productivity coaching in one, helping you to build the life you want. If you want to create greater balance, take more control of your life or simply want to achieve more, then this is the tool for you.

At the heart of EVO GOALS is a self-paced learning programme to help you understand your priorities, set goals and use your time wisely. It also comes with an online dashboard and tools to help you implement the strategies and a companion app to help you track your progress quickly and easily on the go.

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there about how to work smarter or improve your life, but wading through countless books, blogs and podcasts uses more of your time than it saves! So, we have researched the market extensively to bring all the best bits together in one place.

Why should you use this platform –

  • All high performers and achievers set goals to ensure alignment of their vision with their day to day activities but it’s important when striving for a big goal that we don’t neglect other areas in our lives.
  • By establishing a Daily Routine your actions (and steps towards your goals) become ingrained in your day-to-day life.
  • Starting each day reflecting on your goals and what actions you need to take to keep you on the path to reaching those goals helps keep you focused for the day.
  • Making just small changes can compound over time to give you big results.
  • As well as establishing and following your daily routine, you should review your goals weekly and do a wider life assessment monthly to ensure you are focusing your efforts where it matters most.


EVO GOALS provides a 6 module self-paced learning programme to walk you through the steps to taking more control of your life. It includes online tools to help you implement the strategies contained in the learning programme and a companion app for monitoring your progress on the go.

It covers life coaching (assessing your life, goal setting, establishing routines and reviews) in more depth. It also has a number of modules on productivity coaching – how to be more effective with your time, create more pockets of time and evaluating your commitments.

It includes tools to help you assess your life, set goals, set up and track your routine, weekly and monthly reviews and journaling.

Memberships start at £1.99, that’s less than a coffee a month! You can claim a 10% discount on the membership fees by entering the code MUMSUNLTD10 at the checkout.

Go to EVO GOALS now to sign up.