We currently have groups in the following areas. Let’s introduce our group leaders

Hemel Hempstead

Nash Mills Village Hall

Group Leader – Zoe Douthwaite


Zoe Douthwaite is group leader for Hemel Mums UnLtd. Along with Debbie Gilbert is responsible for the administration and social media of Mums UnLtd. She also has the pleasure of being part of the Best Women in Business Awards. She has been networking for over 5 years now and started off at the Hemel group about 4 years ago. She is welcoming, friendly and eager to help business owners thrive and make great connections

St Albans

The Venue Forest Town Church Lyon Way St Albans


Stanmore - The Duck in the Pond 

Group Leader -Owner of Mums UnLtd – Debbie Gilbert


Debbie started Mums UnLtd  in 2011 and is currently running the St Albans  & Stanmore groups.

Debbie is a multi award winning entreprenuer who owns a marketing and events agency. She organises The Watford Expo, The 3 Counties Expo and The Best Business Women Awards.

Chesham – The Crown in Ley Hill

Group Leader – Melanie McCarthy from Brockhurst Boutique


After 17 years working in customer service at British Airways, Melanie set up her designer dress agency in 2004. Now, 10 years later, she is still selling pre-owned, ladies clothes, from jeans and separates to glamorous ball gowns and offering the high level of service her regulars have come to expect. Melanie has been a networker all those years and started the Chesham group in 2013.

Berkhamsted – All Saints Church Hall

Harpenden – Skew Bridge

Group Leader – Carli Wall from Synergy Business Support

Cari is currently on maternity leave and her groups are being run by Zoe Douthwaite.


Carli runs Synergy Business Support, and works as a Virtual Assistant (a freelance PA) supporting small businesses with administration and other business services, keeping things running smoothly and offering an extra pair of hands when needed. She works this successfully around her family life, with two young sons to also keep her on her toes. She runs both the Berkhamsted and Harpenden groups.

Watford- The Kitchen @ Cassiobury 

Owner of The Best of Watford 


Abby has been providing marketing and business support services to local independent businesses and charities for over seven years, and owns The Best of Watford.

With her endless energy, expertise, passion for ‘all things Watford’, wide network and a variety of marketing tools, Abby and her team work hard to make it easier for local people to find and connect with great local businesses.   Abby also organises the biggest expo in the town, Watford Expo with Owner of Mums UnLtd, Debbie Gilbert.​

Amersham and The Chalfonts- The Ivy House

Group Leader-Katherine Renton -Smart PA services

Katherine is a dedicated support specialist committed to delivering SmartPA’s world-class services to businesses. Her experience in retail, which focused on critically evaluating and improving processes and procedures, will ensure increased productivity and efficiency within any business

Katherine Renton

Katherine, who is a trained solar engineer, gained a wide range of skills while working in operational management of a renewable utility company. Her work focused on automation and improvement of processes and the development of training programmes. Katherine is a keen problem solver, and her abilities to deliver excellent results will guarantee that every SmartPA client supported by her enjoys a first class service. Katherine has a strong belief in the power of staff and the value of training and development, making her a valuable asset to any business.

East Herts- Paradise Wildlife Park

Group Leader – Cornelia Raubal from Craftport Consulting


Craftport Consulting is a business consultancy which specialises in supporting and mentoring small businesses. We work in collaboration with you to provide strategic and practical advice to solve real world business issues and partner you in the implementation of those strategic changes.

Cornelia Raubal, owner and founder of Craftport Consulting Ltd, is our principal consultant. Having gained 18 years experience in the commodities industry, including at Board level, Cornelia decided to use this experience to bring big business knowledge to benefit small businesses.

Whitstable- Riverside Church

Group Leader – Catherine Chapman

Body works Personal Training 


Catherine been practising Pilates for 14 years, including through-out her 3 pregnancies. Driven by a passion to share this fantastic form of exercise with as many people as possible, she qualified as a coach in 2011.  Catherine started with just a few classes per week whilst still nursing, then made the decision to spend all of her time working on the healthy side of healthcare. Now the Pilates side of Bodyworks Personal Training boasts 5 Pilates courses, a Piloxing and Cardio Pilates class and many fabulous one to one clients , being trained with a bespoke program either at her private studio or in their homes.


Catherine enjoys taking part in the Whitstable Parkrun every week she possibly can and is determined to get a sub 25minute 5k! She is also a keen student in mindfulness meditation.