Holiday packing; something lots of us have been thinking about this time of year and it can be a nightmare. So, if you want to avoid those extra airline fees for your luggage, I thought it might be useful to remind you of my top tips for packing light this summer.

Obviously the starting point is the type of holiday you are going on. Whether it’s a city break, beach, or touring around the advice is the same.

  • First, think about your footwear, especially if you are on a city break and your shoes will need to be more bulky. Then plan you outfits around these.


  • Pack to a colour palette, that way you can mix and match. You want two neutrals, for example, navy, white, beige, grey, cream and one other colour. You can always add more interest with your accessories.


  • Pack in one go (not in dribs and drabs) – get it all out on the bed and check that it co-ordinates together and that items of clothing are not just doing one job – that’s where the colour palette comes in!


  • Pack big items first them use the small spaces, nooks and crannies for the smaller items, and don’t forget the useful space in shoes, it’s amazing what they can accommodate!


  • Roll not fold, you’ll find you get more in the space, particularly in the grooves of the suitcase and the garments will crease less.


  • Pack a scarf that can be used to keep you warm on the plane when the air con kicks in but that will also double up as a sarong.


  • Wear you heaviest items, those wedge shoes for example or chunky trainers.


  • Use a tote bag to pack all the things you need on the plane, then it’s easy to grab and put under your seat when you get on board, instead of having to keep going to the overhead lockers and ferreting through a large bag.

Happy travelling and if you need more help, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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