How to avoid wasting your money on makeup

How To Avoid Wasting Money on Makeup

My names Kate and I am a makeup addict. I am addicted to all kinds of makeup. Foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick. You name it, I’ve brought it!  

So, it makes perfect sense that I became a makeup artist & beauty therapist.

The obsession started when I was at school. Teenage hormones are to blame, I suffered with terrible skin from an early age, so did everything I could to try and cover it up! To this day, I still suffer with hormonal breakouts, but now I have the knowledge to treat my skin better and makeup definitely plays a part in that.

Yes, I am an oily skin sufferer. If you are too, I feel your pain. We all have those friends, relatives or work colleagues, who complain about having dry skin. Oh, what us oily skin sisters (and brothers) would give to have a bit of flaky skin!

Once I had perfected my skin makeup, I moved onto eyes. This is when the obsession became REAL! Eyeshadow palettes are my weakness. I am like a Magpie when shopping, especially if it sparkles! And before I know it, I’ve brought five new palettes in one day (I’m lying, it’s more like ten!).

While we’ve been in lockdown, it’s got worse. I’ve been “experimenting” with different makeup looks, bridal, natural, dramatic and I’m doing an alphabet colour challenge on Instagram. I know what you’re all saying, “any excuse” and you’re right.  So, I suppose I can justify buying the extra makeup online. It’s to help me through lockdown and will benefit my business (I repeat this to myself daily) I feel better already!

So, instead of you wasting your money buying the wrong makeup, let me do that for you! I will share with you, the do’s & don’ts, the why’s & wont’s and the Hits & S**t’s. So, here go’s…


First & foremost, always, always, always, apply a primer to your face before applying your foundation. The primer acts as a base for the foundation to sit on. It creates a more smooth, flawless complexion. It Stops the foundation creeping into any fine line or wrinkles & open pores It can also help to even out the skin tone.

Use the correct brush when applying foundation. Make sure it’s clean to avoid any streaks and buff in all over the face. Making sure to blend down onto your neck. We don’t want that line ladies! 

Store the product correctly. Away from heat and direct sunlight. According to the directions on the bottle.

Buy the correct foundation for your skin type. E.g. Oily skin – Matte/ oil free foundation. Dry or Dehydrated skin – a serum-based foundation, tinted moisturiser or BB cream. Mature skin – a luminating, glow foundation or anti-aging (Boots no7  Lift & luminate one is very good).

Combination/Normal skin – The lucky ones! You can wear almost any of the above. You can also mix foundations using a more matte one in oily areas if needed. IT Cosmetics CC Cream is amazing and suits all skin types. It is also SPF50. Win, win!

Test foundation on your face (not on the back of your hand). Apply a little on the side of your cheek and jawline. Blend it in with your finger. Then go to natural light, the shop window or outside so you can check you have the correct shade. Even if you’ve gone to a makeup counter and the sales assistant has tested it on you, always check in natural light, they won’t mind, they want you to buy it!

If you’re not sure, or can’t make up your mind which one to choose. Ask for a sample to take home and use for a few days to check it’s the right one for you. I do this all the time. I very rarely buy a foundation unless I have tested it on myself first. I always carry little sample pots in my handbag in case they don’t have any in the shop (not the sample pots from the docs!!)  You can get them online from eBay or amazon.


Do not use a foundation that’s been open & you’ve had for years! The ingredients in a foundation could separate and increase the risk of bacteria growth. Yuk! This could cause an infection. It’s the same for all makeup if it’s been opened, used and past its expired date.

Check the open-pot symbol on the back of the product. It will have a number followed by the letter M. This tells you how many months the product lasts once opened. If it smells funky, bin it!

Never share your foundation with anyone else, especially if it’s a stick or powder foundation. This increases the risk of cross contamination and the spread of bacteria. It could also be the wrong type of foundation for someone else’s skin type. Or even worse, the wrong colour!

So, Mothers, do not share with your daughters (or sons) otherwise you could have an Oompa Loompa situation on your hands!

Using a dirty brush is a big no, no! This can harbour all sorts of bacteria that you are then apply to your face. It’s particularly bad if you suffer with blemishes and can cause them to spread. Wash your brush after every use to avoid this. It can sometimes make your foundation appear streaky as well, if your brush has a build-up of foundation on it.

And don’t be like me and just buy it because it’s a new foundation or because you watched a You Tube video on it! (Yes, I know I have a problem) Do your research, find out which type suits your skin better and which brands you like. Get samples! You’ll have so many samples to test on yourself, you probably won’t need to buy any foundations for a year! LOL!

But seriously, it will save you wasting your money buying the wrong one. Believe me, some of them aren’t cheap. Just ask my husband’s credit card!

I hope you’ve found this helpful; I know I have. It’s like a therapy session for me. Think I’ll give that support group a miss tonight now!

Thanks for listening. Until next time……

This blog was written by Kate Rance of Kreate Beauty.