How to network online

Learning how to network online is another skill!

Moving our networking events online had to be done. We had no choice due to the Corona Virus outbreak - all face to face meetings were banned.

Online networking is very different to face to face meetings. There is no social interaction in person and those random discussions at the start of a meeting during open networking time are harder to strike up online.

Showing up at online networking events shows you are proactive and keeps you in touch with your tribe. Networking has never been about selling to the room. It is about building relationships and sharing what you do with others who in turn may recommend your business to others they know. Building a network has so many advantages to you and your business.

At this time having a network is vitally important. How can you continue to grow and build your network without meetings with anyone in person?

Check out our top tips on online networking

  1. Diarise the time so you don’t show up late! Make sure you have a quiet place to join the call and ensure your microphone and pc are working properly.
  2. Try not to get distracted with emails or other tasks -give the meeting your full attention as you would if you were in the room in person.
  3. Make sure you mute your mic when you are not speaking.
  4. Turn off background noises such as TV, radio and make sure the washing machine isn’t going into a full spin!
  5. Put the pets in another room and shut the door and the kids as well if possible!
  6. Listen carefully to what other attendees are saying and make notes during the session.
  7. Ask questions in the ‘chatbox’
  8. After the meeting follow up!  Here are some idea of what you can do -


  • Follow people on social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram
  • Share one post from each person
  • Think about 121’s – contact people and arrange a phone call or video call and find out more about each other
  • Collaborations – who could you work with on a joint venture? Guest blogs, online training, interviews or knowledge sharing. The list is endless!
  • Consider who you can help – what did the ask for or mention that you could help with?
  • Have you worked with someone you can recommend? Share a testimonial and review them.


9. Do not over network online. There are so many events now so make sure you allow the time to follow up.

10. All the little actions add up! We have a predisposition in our brains- if someone does something for you then you will want to reciprocate that at some point.

The very core of being human is social interaction. This is something we all need. During this time the only way we can be connected to other humans (outside our family that we live with) is via video links.

With online networking, it is still possible to remain connected and feel supported. Keep a presence even if you cannot pivot your business to an online service.

You must continue to show up! And you must take action!

This blog shares some tips on what you can do whilst on lockdown to progress your business.