Making the Most of Mums UnLtd


Just coming along to a meeting won’t be enough to make a significant difference to your business.

Here is a list of things you can do to make the most of the Mums UnLtd community.

  • After your meetings – link up with other attendees via social media.
  • Arrange 121’s. A 1-hour time slot should be enough time. The purpose of these meetings is to find out more about each other’s businesses and who you know who might need their services, if not now but maybe in the future.
  • Bring someone to a meeting! Tell others about Mums UnLtd – the more people we have at the meetings the more opportunities for everyone.
  • Speak to your group leader about a speaker slot to share your knowledge and expertise. These slots are not for selling but for sharing great tips and information to help other attendees.
  • Make an effort to like, comment and share the posts from the people you have met on social media. It can really make a big difference.
  • Go along to other groups and widen your network. Our whole network is open to you and this means you can book and go to any event you want anywhere. If you have never been to Whitstable or Northampton, why not visit one of those groups if you are in Hertfordshire!
  • Contribute a blog for our blog page which we share on social media.
  • Share an offer for our offer page which we will also share on social media.
  • Start a discussion on your Facebook group and comment on other posts.
  • Plan out your monthly minute and make sure you change it each month.
  • Bring along samples of your work to meetings or display products.
  • Do a skill swap with another attendee and try out each other services.
  • Give another attendee a testimonial at the meeting or online or both!
  • Like the Mums UnLtd Facebook Page and leave us a review.
  • Attend our bigger events in the Summer 11th July 2019 and Christmas 3rd December 2019.
  • Attend 8 meetings or more in a calendar year to gain a loyalty member and you get a listing on our website, social media posts on your business and one free meeting.

We know if you take action and utilise all the opportunities we provide your community will increase and in turn your business will grow.