Marketing your business in lockdown

Many business owners are asking should they be doing this?

The answer is YES! YES! YES!

Solve the problem 

People still have issues your business can solve. So, marketing your business in lockdown is vitally important. From selling gifts and body care products online to solutions for stress and anxiety make sure people know who you are and what you do.

Many businesses although not trading will be looking for support and solutions to issues they are experiencing. Consumers have time on their hands, mostly spent online! Many people are still being paid! There are audiences out there with money to spend so make sure you are marketing to them. People are still celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and babies are still arriving. Concerns about the immune system and being in tip-top health is at the forefront of many minds. Saving money is a priority for a lot of people too.

Marketing Your Business with compassion 

Keep your posts sensitive at this time and don’t overload your feeds. The tone should be compassionate, warm and friendly not salesey. Consider the wording carefully and remember you are there for them. Create a positive feel.

Share your expertise through interesting content. 

Look to share interesting information and expert tips. Write blog posts and longer social media posts.

Make videos and use some great images. Embrace the technology that is available to you.

  • Upload videos to YouTube
  • Use IGTV on Instagram
  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram Stories
  • Run workshops on Zoom
  • Meet clients online
  • Create an article on LinkedIn

Create a content plan to give you focus

  • Decide on what topics you will focus on then plan out the week.
  • Create offers
  • Use to create some great images
  • Use a scheduling tool – Hootsuite is free for up to 3 platforms

Attend online networking 

Make sure you still attend online networking events and have 121’s with others. Being visible is important.

Support a charity or good cause

Could your business support a charity or good cause during this time? This may mean offering a percentage to charity or using posts to promote a cause you are passionate about.

Maybe you could run a course and donate some of the profit to charity. Be creative – in this time a little can go a long way.

Create a challenge or competition for your clients

Get your clients doing something interactive. They will love this! People are bored with time on their hands so really think how your business could get them doing an activity. This could bring amazing traction to your social media and website.

Repurpose old content.

If you have old blogs on your website repurposing them with a coronavirus slant. You can then slice them up for posts.

This won't last forever demand will be back and later this year you will be busier than ever. So don’t stand still now! Yes, the garden is inviting on the warmer days, you could spend all day watching Netflix but will this progress your business? The answer is of course no!

This is not a time to be silent this is the perfect opportunity to push your business and your expertise out there.

Do not be shy about marketing your business in lockdown, the secret is to create a plan and be prepared to adapt it.