Organise your life -top decluttering tips

As a professional organiser my work is never done! Decluttering is my passion so here I share my top decluttering tips.

Living in a decluttered and unorganised environment does cause stress and it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. So hopefully you can follow my simple tips for the main rooms in your home and you can declutter your way to happiness and peace of mind.

Get ready for action before you start! 

Firstly, before you start decluttering make sure you have supplies ready such as black sacks, boxes or containers, labels and not forgetting the most important item a cuppa of tea or coffee.

One of my best decluttering tips  is to start with a clutter tour of your home and make a plan of action. Focus on everything that needs sorting and include which room you are going to start with. Word of advice do not start with the loft or get bogged down with your photo collection.

Always begin with a room that is going to inspire you to carry on and one you use frequently. For me the kitchen is my first choice as it is often the hub of most homes.

Kitchen Decluttering tips 

  • Empty all food cupboards and check dates, bin everything that has expired. Donate good items you’re never going to use to your local food bank (they really need donations at this time). Group all similar food types together. Use hanging storage shelves, hooks and cupboard stands to create more space and make items more visible.
  • Clear out all your crockery, glassware, pots and pans and decide which items you never use or don’t need. Dispose of broken/damaged goods immediately. Think about the quantity of mugs or glasses you have? Can you store the glasses you only use at Christmas to make way for your new gin glass which you use a lot.
  • When it comes to the fridge, organisation is important as the food stored usually has a shorter shelf life. Keeping vegetables at eye level and visible does cut wastage. Small containers for jars make it easier for cleaning and access. A shopping list on the fridge door really helps you to not forget your favourite ingredients.
  • Cutlery and utensil drawers can be a nightmare. Utensils you use daily are great in an attractive container on a counter space permitting. Do not keep a pineapple corer if you never buy pineapple and don’t hang on to things just in case.
  • Under the sink is usually where we keep our cleaning products. Make sure you clear this area too as it tends to be forgotten unless you are the next Mrs Hinch! A pull-out caddy with all the essentials cleaning items is a must in my opinion.

Living Room Decluttering tips

  • Clear out your bookcase of any books you know you will never read again especially out of date travel guides.
  • Declutter your magazine file and cut out the article you keep meaning to read and recycle the rest.
  • TV units can be a dust trap with piles of DVDs. Donate to charity those you will never watch again or sell on-line.
  • Coffee tables and units can be a dumping ground, make sure you put everything away that doesn’t belong there

Bedroom Decluttering Tips

  • You may not need too but storing away out of season clothes is a must for me. Underbed storage is a great place as lofts are often not a good environment for clothing. Rolling or folding items the correct way can hopefully save on ironing when you get them back out.
  • Clear out your wardrobe and drawers, don’t keep clothing that you might fit into one day. Either donate to charity or sell on-line and use the money to buy something you can fit into today. When you put everything back organise into styles or colour, putting the clothes you wear regularly in the forefront.
  • Declutter your cosmetics as they all have different shelf life’s. Anything you have not opened and will never use can be donated to your local women’s refuse.
  • Store your footwear correctly. Clear stackable containers are great, so you can see them, and it will prevent them from getting ruined.
  • Accessories like jewellery, scarves and handbags can cause clutter too. Have a good think about how many you need or will ever use? Have your jewellery on display as out of sight out of mind.
  • Here are some storage ideas from Ikea 


  • Gather everything from your cupboards, baskets and shelves. Once you have laid it all out throw away anything that only has one usage left, all expired make up, free samples you’re never going to use, rusty razors, you get the idea.
  • Now organise into groups of similar products and in your cupboards use containers to make it easier to see and clean.
  • Always empty your bin regularly and make it easily accessible. Have you ever wondered why you find cardboard toilet roll inners all over the place, the bin might be the answer lol.

Home Office / Study

  • Remove all items that do not belong as its an easy room to store things for a little while which turns out to be months.
  • Declutter the paper by sorting into piles such as recycle, file and action.
  • Make use of tech options, so you do not have to keep as much paperwork and check on-line as you do not need to keep bills etc as long as you think.
  • Label and organise files to make filing as easy as possible. Locks and lids can get in the way.
  • Create an in and out system, remembering vertical is visible and horizontal is hidden.
  • Noticeboards are a fab idea for important papers such as hospital appointments etc.


  • Take everything down except Christmas decorations and suitcases if you do not need too.
  • Be selective on what is going back. Just stop and think will I ever need this again or what will my family do with it when I am gone? At the most have one memory box for each member of your family.
  • Use good solid waterproof containers to store all items you are keeping. I love Really Useful Boxes.
  • Label everything as much as you can.
  • Finally keep an inventory of everything that goes back up.

I really hope this blog has motivated you to transform your space and clear your clutter. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need my guidance in person once we get back to normal, whatever normal is?

Good luck, keep smiling and stay safe!

This blog was written by Kellie Oakes, Oakes Organising and Decluttering