The views of Mums UnLtd attendees

Hannah Miller Chipperfield Accounting

Mums UnLtd is a great networking group and differentiates itself from other networking groups due to the following: No lock outs, Mid-morning meetings, Friendly, all-inclusive group, Interesting speakers, useful Facebook group, ability to transfer a no show to another meeting, acceptance of flexible working, mutual support and a relaxed atmosphere!

From attending I have gained new clients, I have expanded my local network, I have loved meeting similar business women and felt a real sense of companionship. The social media assistance has been invaluable and it has given me more confidence in running a flexible business around my family.




Judy Britten Reflexologist

I first found out about Mums UnLtd when starting my business in January and googling 'networking St Albans'.  I made a short list of 3, one of which was Mums UnLtd, and attended my first event in February.  I wasn't sure what to expect but Debbie immediately put me at ease and I found everyone in the group to be very friendly and welcoming. I am not a Mum but I feel so at home!


I have become a regular now and especially enjoy the different guest talks which are always very useful and informative and prefer the structured schedule & introductions rather than just randomly standing around a room talking to different random people.

My business has definitely benefited from attending Mums UnLtd and it's also a really good way to support other small local businesses.

Tracey Baum Life Practice St Albans

The thing I like about the Mums UnLtd I attend is the friendliness of them, when you attend regularly, it's like meeting up with friends for a coffee and a chat and doesn't feel intimidating or scary as some other network events I've been to. I also like the fact that there's no professional lockout.

I have been attending various Mums groups for 18 months now and it is my main source of referrals via networking. As someone who has been the speaker at different groups it has also allowed me to grow that side of my business in a supportive, nurturing environment. Also made some great friends through the groups.

Joanne Todd Norwex UK


I was recommended to join my local Mums UnLtd networking group by a friend/business owner. I was quite nervous at first not really knowing what to expect. I needn't have been as everyone was so welcoming and friendly that I soon started to look forwards to our monthly get together. The support I have received for my business has been brilliant and I love the fact I now know so many business owners to recommend to my friends and clients. There's no big financial outlay either which when you are just dipping your toe in is a huge benefit. The friendships formed by attending regularly and by visiting other meetings within the group is hugely beneficial. I couldn't imagine my business life without Mums to be honest. Friendly, supportive and fun.